Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching: Become a Coach!

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching (AWC) is a hybrid of Ayurvedic lifestyle principles & the yoga lifestyle, wellness coaching, personal development, and the ideal of integrative health and medicine. Feeling boxed into a diagnosis has become an experience that is far too common. You might be familiar with it yourself – getting a diagnosis, followed by an
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30 Day Dinacharya Challenge

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start with any new lifestyle practices. We get so excited, we just want to do it all, straight away! …And then we wonder why we burn out from it 2 weeks later. “It was all too much.” “I’m too busy to do alllllll the things.” “I couldn’t keep
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One thing I’ve struggled with since I was a teenager is the Victim Mentality.  And ‘judging, but not judging.’ You know where stuff inevitably happens in life – a friend betrays you, a colleague off loads their work to you all the time, your relationship seems one-sided… all those kinds of things. The ‘stuff’ happens
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Ayurvedic Pyschology

Have you ever found yourself asking, ‘what (the actual) is (the deal with) my mind’? Ayurveda and Yoga views the body and mind as being inextricably linked, material coverings that house the transcendental soul.  Influenced by schools of thought from India, including Vedic teachings and the Yoga Scriptures, Ayurvedic psychology combines a philosophic approach with time-tested
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Financial Habits Support Wellbeing

From what I hear, a lot of us have been taking it week to week due to pandemic fatigue. I’ve personally been struggling a little (going on 11 weeks separated from my kids due to interstate co-parenting & lockdowns), and have been hearing the grief and heaviness of the Live to Serve students on a
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Why Yoga for Kids?

Living a thoughtful, grounded life requires us to use intelligence to discern what is right and/or the best course of action on a moment to moment basis. Things are very seldom black or white, and most often require us to consider time, place and circumstances. This is true of relationships, workplaces, health and fitness, diet,
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Ayurvedic Nutrition for Beginners

Of Ayurveda’s Three Pillars of Health, the first Pillar is food and nutrition – a topic which is inseparably woven into our material existence. While Western medicine has a machinist attitude towards nutrition, Ayurveda takes a fascinating and truly holistic approach. Constitutional Nutrition: the Ayurvedic Approach to Diet “Constitutional Nutrition” recognizes the necessity of each
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