Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

Offer holistic support and transformational tools that allow people to grow, heal and thrive.
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Live to Serve Academy is pleased to offer the world's first accredited Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching certification course, launched in 2016. Upon completion of this course, you'll be certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, able to take out insurance with numerous providers, and confidently start your professional practice.

While most health professionals trained in Ayurveda focus on working specifically with the therapeutic application of medicines and treatments (with lifestyle changes being left to the client to self-manage), the Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching approach is to work with the lifestyle and behavioural aspects of Ayurvedic Medicine, supporting the client with tailored personal coaching to promote change and healing.

This method is primarily focused on empowering people to take back the reins in their journey through life, starting with their health. It is a system that can complement any health modality and is safe, simple, and easy to comprehend. The knowledge and practices presented in this course are low risk, and tie in especially well with health coaching, counselling, fitness and yoga.

The method helps people to realign with nature, develop their awareness, and regain their inherent state of balance – from which their health goals become much easier to achieve.

This training will give you a broader scope as to why lifestyle plays such an important part of mental health, while offering simple techniques to support general wellbeing. This course is also suitable for parents or carers who are wanting a deeper understanding of how to support children’s wellbeing.

200 Hour


Top features

  • Opportunity to attend live online classes
  • Option to complete in 12 weeks
  • 3-6 month suggested timeframe
  • Lifetime access, no penalties - take as long as you need!
  • Bonus: Ayurvedic Psychology Foundations certification

350 Hour


Top features

Everything in the 200hr training +

  • 6-12 month suggested timeframe
  • Example coaching programs
  • Case Studies
  • Build and launch your first program 
  • Lifetime access, no penalties - take as long as you need!

500 Hour


Top features

Everything in 350hr + Business Training 

  • 12-18 month suggested timeframe
  • Comprehensive Business training
  • Additional case study mentoring 
  • 3 x one-on-one mentoring calls
  • Lifetime access - take as long as you need!

200 Hour Payment Plan

$250 x 10 months


350 Hour Payment Plan

$250 x 16 months


500 Hour Payment Plan

$250 x 20 months


Student Testimonials

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“The Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching course takes you on your own personal journey, which for me was so important – to live and breathe Ayurveda. This training was comprehensive and authentic to the original teachings of Ayurveda, while being structured in a simple and modern way, making the concepts more accessible and relatable to our modern lifestyle.

This course is for everyone – whether you’re looking to support your family’s wellbeing, your clients or students; to become a qualified coach; or if you’re simply curious about Ayurveda or serving as an advocate for holistic health. You’ll gain so much insight into understanding your health and managing your life – especially in how to live with more purpose, greater health and vitality, and to serve the community as an inspirational leader.” – Michelle Meech

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