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60 Days of Sattva Challenge

ayurveda challenge health sattva the sattva system yoga Dec 31, 2023

Kickstart your wholesome new lifestyle with the 60 Days of Sattva challenge! 
This challenge is for you if: 

> You want to feel more ease, energy and lightness in your mind and body. 

> You’re sick and tired of feeling foggy, flat and unfit. But you don’t want to feel bogged down by strict > dieting or complex gym workouts. 

> You’re looking for a sustainable approach to health; one that’s uncomplicated, effective, and doesn’t consume your life. 

The 60 Days of Sattva Challenge Daily Behaviours: 

  • Walk 
  • Meditate 
  • Exercise (yoga-asana or workout) 
  • Spend time in Nature/outside 
  • In bed by 10pm; up by 7am 
  • Eat vegetarian wholefoods (95%-100% of the time) 
  • Drink 2L water 
  • No alcohol 

Typical Outcomes 

  • Improved mindset towards health; a reduction or eradication of the ‘all or nothing’ approach to health.  
  • Confidence and ease in daily health choices.  
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight; both gaining weight (where the body is undernourished) and losing weight (when the body is carrying unnecessary extra weight).  
  • Confidence and satisfaction with eating by adopting a nourishing and enjoyable approach to eating (less confusion around diet and food)  
  • Improved gut functioning; a reduction in ama, improved eating behaviors and food choices.  
  • Increased and sustained fitness levels; through our functional fitness regime.  
  • A significant reduction in pre-menstrual symptoms; improved overall menstrual cycle.  
  • Ability to cope with life’s challenges in a more mindful and insightful manner. 

Included in the challenge: 
1. The challenge protocol (download the graphic to your devices), plus a comprehensive 12-week sattvic health guide to inspire your journey (meal plans, a workout program, yoga and meditation guide, and information on Ayurvedic self-care techniques).

2. Access to a community of like-minded people inside the Live to Serve community Facebook group.

3. Option to sign up for personal coaching support, starting at $25 per month. 

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