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"My Dosha made me do it."

ayurveda yoga Apr 01, 2024

We have a saying in my community, “My Dosha made me do it.” Because that’s how it is sometimes! The influence of the doshas can be so strong that it will literally drive us to do more of the things that will exacerbate our imbalances. And it often shows up in our asana practice (Vata type for some fast and flowy vinyasa anyone?) 
Have you ever felt confused by the seemingly simple statement: “Just follow your body’s intuition.” 
What if your doshas are out of whack and the messages your body is giving you are coming from an aggravated doshic state? 
For example, a Vata imbalance making you crave crackers, light meals and mutli-tasking? 
Or a Pitta imbalance that influences you to push harder or achieve more, because that’s what instinctively ‘feels’ right? 
Kapha’s and needing comfort with sweets & Netlix, feeling like, “this is who I am gf.” 
If you’ve been confused by the doshas or the idea of ‘intuitive’ health management, you’re not alone, and there’s a good reason for it. 
Behaviours can be driven by many different factors, such as desire, biological cravings, habits, doshic imbalance, and sometimes when we’re lucky, intelligence. 
So when it comes to health choices such as diet and day-to-day behaviours, being lead by doing what 'feels right' in the moment can be an unreliable means for maintaining your health. 
This free Ayurveda for Yoga workshop is all about exploring the doshas as a means to develop mindfulness and self-awareness. The main objective of the workshop is to introduce you to knowledge and practices that allow you to explore and understand Nature, your mind, and self. Through this awareness, you’ll be in a better position to make conscious, deliberate decisions based on understanding the true meaning of balance and how to cultivate it in a scientific yet organic way. 
This workshop is for you if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the doshas through the language of yoga (yoga is my love language), and finally feel confident in knowing what your body needs - on and off the mat. 
Explore and understand Nature, your Mind, and Self through the lens of Ayurveda and Yoga.  

  • Confidently navigate your life with a mindful, holistic approach  
  • Tap into your innate intelligence and intuition  
  • Touch on the elements and doshas and how to apply them in daily life  
  • Learn how to adjust your yoga practice to balance your mind and body  


  • Ayurveda for Yoga workshop (video)  
  • Workshop notes  
  • Vata Balancing Class  
  • Pitta Balancing Class  
  • Kapha Balancing Class  

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