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Discover Ayurveda Course Overview

Module One: Introduction to Ayurveda
A comprehensive introduction to Ayurveda, including some of the foundational principles, as well as an exploration of the elements, gunas, doshas and Maha Gunas, and how they can be observed to understand and manage our health.

Module Two: Ayurvedic Psychology
So much of the way you experience life comes from how your feel and perceive through the filter of the mind. When your mind is foggy from stress, exhaustion, imbalanced hormones, too many commitments, and more, it can be hard to stay on top of your mental health. Dive a little deeper into the value and necessity of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and learn about the direct correlation between what you consume (on an emotional, intellectual, nutritional, and spiritual level) and your level of mental vitality.

Module Three: The Pillars of Health
Learn about the pillars of health from an Ayurvedic and yogic perspective. Investigate how these teachings are the foundation for understanding how to correctly use the senses to create balance, vitality and quality of life. Get started with Ayurvedic Nutrition and understand the role of cleansing (kriya) techniques for supporting longevity and disease prevention.

Module Four: Yoga & Meditation (Spirituality)
Understand the different energies at play within the universe and how they influence our health. Explore the mind-body-spirit complex and its features, functions and needs. Learn Yoga techniques that will add a spiritual touch to your daily life. Explore yoga-asanas, breathwork and Mantra Meditation.

Module Five: Routines & Rituals
Learn essential behaviours for maintaining wellbeing, and design personal daily rituals to guide you in maintaining your essential self-care needs. We’ll look at all the micro-habits that make up your ideal day – from sleep, to eating, mindfulness & meditation, as well as different types of exercise and movement. Use our science-backed template to map out your day, and finally start feeling confident and consistent with maintaining your health.

Module Six: Putting it All Together (Dinacharya)
Always wanted to know the secret behind work life balance? Dive into the science of Dinacharya according to Ayurveda and unlock your ability to maintain balance all year round (even during those busy times when you’re tipping the ‘work-life balance’ scales). Plus, upon completing the course, there’s an option to join in a live 30 Day Dinacharya Challenge (with wellness coaching support, live workouts and yoga classes) to help you put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Course Specifics
Self-paced, delivered fully online.

  • 6 modules
  • Videos, audios, and cheat sheet downloads
  • Includes lifetime access to the learning portal
  • Quizzes and support
  • 15hrs total learning

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