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My name is Samantha, and I’m the creator of Live to Serve Academy. I’m a growth obsessed social change advocate, with a background in yoga, Ayurveda, fitness and coaching.

I thrive off helping people pursue their potential and transform their lives through the path of self-discovery.


In my early 20’s I was fortunate to have the insightful experience of healing from mental illness, substance abuse and (apparently!) irreversible infertility.

Finding myself in rehab was a significant turning point in my life. I still recall the feeling that came over me in group therapy one day, like a wave of electricity through my body.

As I sat there listening to the suffering my peers were experiencing - having watched them come and go from the clinic, stuck in a cycle of depression, anxiety, fear and self-destruction – in an instant, it was as if the decision had been made for me:

“You gotta find a way to heal so you can help others.”

Determined to Make a Difference Determined to Make a Difference

At 19 I was told I would never be able to have children.

I was also told people with Eating Disorders ‘never fully recover’.

After a 18 months of integrating yoga and meditation and Ayurvedic health practices with the prescribed Western clinical applications, I was married, happy, off all mental health meds, and pregnant with my first child.

All because I chose not to accept my diagnosis as fixed or final.

And as I watched my health and life transform, defying medical verdict, I started to question,

Which Brings Me To Now

Having served in the health & wellness industry for over a decade now, I realised that the gaps that frustrated me, were the areas I needed to pay attention to.

Sami doing Japa Meditation

It really got to me that Western healthcare was purely physical. It also really got to me that Eastern healthcare was often disregarded as woo woo, or, was delivered in such a way that it was too hard to comprehend or maintain.

A die-hard fan of both Western and Eastern approaches to health and healing, I wanted to bridge the gap between the modern health care and traditional complimentary therapies.

Because it’s time the world celebrated true, inner transformation just as much as it celebrates and glorifies external, physical transformation. When we meld East & West, healthcare becomes a path of healing, with fringe benefits that have the potential to transform a person on every level.

Sami doing a balance Yoga Asana pose

I believe we all have the power within us to create a truly inspirational transformation – in heart, mind and body.

With knowledge, compassion and courage, I believe we can revolutionise the way we look at disease and bring light to the world through healing.

“How many people are being put in a box of diagnosis, living their life submitted to their diseased state, purely because they don’t have the knowledge or health literacy to explore alternative healing pathways?”

And how different would our world be, if people felt educated, inspired, supported and empowered in their healing journey.

Together We Can Make a Difference Together We Can Make a Difference

Live to Serve Academy is a platform for education, inspiration and empowerment.

My commitment to you is to offer resources and trainings that will help you Pursue Your Potential, Create Abundance and Change the World.

If you’re here to serve and you’re ready to create a big impact on the world, I’m so glad you’re here. Drop in and say hi, or sign up for my (free) training on how to “Discover Your Calling and Take Action Now – Make The Impact You’ve Always Dreamed Of!”

I’m so humbled you’ve landed here, and look forward to connecting with you. Let’s work together to make the world a better place!

Well wishes, Samantha xo

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