Teaching Clinic

Asana Foundations and Biomechanics, Therapeutic Sequencing & Vinyasa, Mantra Meditation.

Miami, Gold Coast | April 13th & 14th

For yoga students wanting to deepen their understanding of Hatha Yoga practices, or yoga teachers wanting to develop or refresh their teaching skills.

Join us for a two-day teacher training immersion, delving into core elements of Hatha Yoga practice: Asana Foundations and Biomechanics, Therapeutic Sequencing & Vinyasa, and Mantra Meditation. Whether you're a dedicated yoga student eager to deepen your understanding of Hatha Yoga principles or a seasoned instructor seeking to refine and refresh your teaching skills, this interactive training offers a rich and fun learning experience.

In addition to physical practice, delve into the profound practice of mantra meditation. Learn how chanting sacred sounds can quiet the mind, bring about peace and contentment, and deepen your connection with the Supreme Soul.

Alignment & Biomechnics

Therapeutic Sequencing



Assisting & Adjustment

Energy & Presence 

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Limited to 12 students

Yoga Practitioner


For Yoga Students


Yoga Teacher


For Yoga Teachers


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