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Why Yoga for Kids?

Living a thoughtful, grounded life requires us to use intelligence to discern what is right and/or the best course of action on a moment to moment basis. Things are very seldom black or white, and most often require us to consider time, place and circumstances. This is true of relationships, workplaces, health and fitness, diet, and more.

Observing, considering, and deciding takes effort and some level of understanding. It takes practice. It takes a level of commitment and responsibility – that I am going to take ownership of each situation and do my best to choose what I deem will produce the best possible outcome for all involved.

We want our children to have the capacity to discern in this way so that they can think for themselves. However, the amount of exposure to information (+ opinions, external input, trends, culture, the world at large) – is at an all-time high. As adults, we can’t compare our experience of life to how our children perceive and experience life. Gen Z is a breakaway generation where social media, smartphones, apps, and access to global chat apps have been part of the fabric of their lives since childhood.

Older Millennials and gen X had a time in their life where personal/household devices and social media didn’t exist. Meaning, they have the experience of a ‘life before’ to guide them in navigating their choices. The remembrance of the ‘space’ (life before smartphones) is often enough to trigger an inner conflict around the overuse of digital media, which naturally leads one to take a break from the digital world.

Our younger generations may not have such an internal indicator. They need to be given that space.
They need to be shown how to create that space inside their mind, which allows them to experience their existence beyond the input of their external environment. In yoga this is an element of self-discovery. The process of self-discovery involves mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, and also extends beyond these techniques. When the process of yoga is embraced as a lifestyle and way of being, it allows a person to live their everyday life in alignment with who they truly are as a person. It offers a deep connection to knowing ‘who I am’, and the purpose of my life. This allows me to think, act, and decide in a way that aligns with ‘who I am’ in essence.

My spiritual teacher once said, “first comes self-discovery, then comes self-esteem.”

Our children need yoga. Not to become ‘yogis’, or revolt against mainstream society. Rather, so they can become their true selves.

If you’re a parent, childcare worker, or someone who is looking to make an impact in the lives of others, I invite you to join me for the Live to Serve Academy Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Simple, safe, and effective techniques to support children in their path of self-discovery. More info here: Live to Serve Kids Yoga Training

Special Pandemic Prices: $550 full certification / $330 online certification

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