Integrated Ayurveda

New School Ayurveda

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What if Integration between East and West wasn’t a battle or an uprising of sorts, rather, it was simply the next step in medical history?

“New School Ayurveda.”

What’s different about it?
Essentially, nothing.
Contextually… everything.

Modern society is crying out for a revolution in the health and medical industry.

Integration between East and West is really the only way forward.

New school holistic practitioners look forward to a future where terminology such as ‘complimentary’ or ‘alternative’ are obsolete.

A future where integration of herbalism, modern medicine, ancient wisdom, and cutting edge medical developments become the norm.

Where Doctors, Yogis and Health Professionals work together to help people explore their full potential through healing.

We look forward to a holistic system where by each individual is empowered with knowledge and a deeper understanding of their mind-body-spirit complex, in a way that helps them to regain trust in the inherent intelligence of their body and Mother Nature.

Explore all of this

… and your own potential through Integrated Ayurveda — a new school approach to teaching and practicing holistic health and Ayurveda.

Perfect for health practitioners wanting to offer a holistic approach.

What’s Included In The Program

A Transformation Guide for you to use with your clients (the same one I’ve been using with my clients for the past 5 years! Not only does it work, it’s a visual delight. You’ll love it, I promise.)

ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page


  • Ayurvedic Psychology Certification, lifetime access (usually $750)
  • Ayurvedic Transformation Coaching Certification (100hr certificate level), lifetime access (usually $1990)
  • Access to The Transformation Clinic where you can learn about Ayurveda for Burnout; Self-Sabotage and Weight-loss (usually $990)
  • 1 year App Support: live support to help you integrate what you're learning into your life, with text feedback, PLUS an exclusive Dinacharya feature (master your habits according to Ayurveda), plus dosha and lifestyle quizzes to help you track your progress (usually $3000/yr)
  • Plus lot's of fun interaction with me and my team! (PRICELESS 😅😍👊)

Total Value: $6730

Investment: $1290+gst


  • Lifetime access to self-paced study.
  • Student support available via correspondence as required.
  • 1 year Wellness Coaching app support (live feedback within 24hrs)


  1. Introduction to Ayurveda: The ATC method; The Elements, Gunas, Maha Gunas, Doshas
  2. Cultivating Holistic Vision
  3. Integration for Healing
  4. The Pillars of Health
  5. Treatment & Diagnosis
  6. Coaching & Communications
  7. Yoga Techniques for Practitioners
  8. The Role of a Coach
  9. The Transformation Clinic: 3 x 8 week example online Ayurveda programs for modern living (Healing Burnout, Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Ayurveda for Weight-loss)
  10. Resources: 12 week transformation guide, Dosha guides; Nutrition, breathwork, Meditation cheat sheets, and more

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