Business on Purpose

Business for Health Professionals

Dear Health Professional / Healer / Transformation Specialist,


I am so happy you are seeking out business skills and systems.

I've seen so many health professionals die (career wise) with their gifts inside of them, simply because they don't know how to get in front of the people who need them most.

For this reason, I want to ask you to stretch your mindset around seeing 'business' as an extension of your service as a health professional.

This course is all about helping you build something out of nothing, or leveraging what you've organically created.

It's about creating a business model from the skills, resources and passion you possess, while utilising the modern digital landscape to serve the world with your unique gifts and offerings.

The goal of this program is not money alone; nor to create a cookie cutter online business.

Like any kind of health, a healthy business must be approached in a Holistic manner. Just as each area of our life affects our state of health, so too does each area of our lives effect the health of our business.

What I'm here to help you do is create a business that aligns with your whole life, allowing it to be inseparable from your values & beliefs, while aligning with your time and financial budget. In this program, it's all about recognising that your growth (in all areas of your life), is the foundation to building an abundant, impactful business that is just right for you.

The goal of Business on Purpose is to help you build a framework for your ideal life, and the resources required to support it.

The system laid out in Business on Purpose is designed to extract everything that's needed from within you, and help you distil it into clarity, purpose and a process.

What's Inside the Program?

Business on Purpose has been specifically built on old-school, timeless marketing and sales techniques that will help you develop the necessary skills to thrive in business, no matter what the digital space is doing. Meaning, you won't be reliant on a particular social platform, technical integration, or latest trend. You'll learn how to market and sell on and offline, which serves as a baseline model for being able to operate and grow your business under any circumstance.

The method provided also focuses on minimal financial investment for maximum profit return. This means, with determination, passion and hard work, you can land your first opportunities and sales with little (or even $0) money on the table.

Sounds great, right?

It is 100% possible, but you must be ready to invest time and energy and forget about your comfort zone.

The great thing is, the side benefit of doing business is personal growth.

No time or energy is wasted, and there is ultimately no such thing as failure - just lessons learned and insights gained. All of which guide you closer to personal and professional development.

Who is this Program For?

3 types of people join this program:

  • Those who want to start a new career and make it their full time gig
  • Those who are practicing health professionals who want to build out new ways of operating and/or making money; they want to scale and grow from what they've already created
  • Those who are curious and want to explore new ways of serving and creating income, but are more or less in it for the fun of it, and/or as an avenue for serving humanity.

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    Course Delivery


    1. Mindset & Money Mindset
    2. Branding
    3. Website & Tech Integrations
    4. Your Powerful Presence
    5. Marketing
    6. Product Design
    7. Sales
    8. Social Change: Business on Purpose

    Business on Purpose is delivered fully online as a group coaching program.

    The course includes lifetime access to all course content, group coaching calls and private Facebook group.
    Feedback is provided in real-time on live calls , as well as via Facebook messenger and email.

    Get started and make business an extension of your service as a health professional.

      Receive a personal call to discuss this course.

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