Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching: Become a Coach!

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching (AWC) is a hybrid of Ayurvedic lifestyle principles & the yoga lifestyle, wellness coaching, personal development, and the ideal of integrative health and medicine.

Feeling boxed into a diagnosis has become an experience that is far too common. You might be familiar with it yourself – getting a diagnosis, followed by an instruction. In an instant, you’ve become powerless to make choices about your situation. “This is what the doctor told me.  This medicine/treatment is the only option.”

But what if it’s not the only option? And what if there is another way to heal (or maybe several other ways), but you don’t know about it because you don’t know what you don’t know?

Each of us has our own unique story, past experiences, different lifestyles and careers, obstacles, goals, and desires – and our own health challenges, whether physical or mental.

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching is about helping people achieve their optimal state of wellbeing, based on their unique circumstances.

The AWC method is not about helping people live a stereotypical Ayurvedic lifestyle or having them eat dhal, spices, and kichadi. It’s about using the principles of Ayurveda and applying them to this method of integrative thinking.

Our Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching method:

  • Empowers the individual with education and choice;
  • Is inclusive of other health modalities;
  • Offers inspiration that healing is possible
  • And gives tangible examples of what healing looks like;
  • Offers clients the support they need to make behaviour changes required for lasting, ongoing, organic healing.

Start your journey with Ayurveda today! Our next live training starts in January 2022.
Our Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching course equips with the knowledge and tools you need to practice as a confident coach!

By the time you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Assist your clients to gain clarity around their ideal state of wellness, co-create strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals ask “better” questions; skilfully uncover the contributing causes of imbalance
  • Evaluate lifestyle factors and support behavior change
  • Apply yoga techniques; assisting clients to understand and work with their mind
  • Effectively coach people, deliver support, accountability, and breakthroughs
  • Promote sensible and successful integration of a variety of modalities; work effectively with other health practitioners

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Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

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