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Looking for more meaning and purpose in your life but don’t know how to create it?

Or, are you someone who has found your passion as a health or medical professional, but hasn’t found a way to make it a sustainable, lifelong career that lights you up?

Either way, we can help you.

Sami Sami


Here, we’re all about creating ways to provoke social change by empowering people to heal through knowledge, understanding and conscious action.

My mission, and what I hope to be our collective mission, is to help humanity heal in a way that promotes happiness, connectedness and heightened spiritual awareness.

We don’t preach, tell or push.
We educate, inspire and empower.

And that winning combination is what keep’s our customer’s happy and our industry alive.

We’re so passionate about working together to make a difference, we want you to be able to get started TODAY.

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Receive a personal call to discuss this course.
You can make a difference
You can make a difference

Who Is This For?

It's for Health Professionals who are looking to upskill, gain an industry edge, and create a scalable income (stop swapping time for money!).

It’s for health enthusiasts who are ready to turn their passion (or slight obsession!) into a profitable, purpose driven business (turn all that time you spend researching the things you love into a means to help others while you make a living).

This program is for anyone who is looking for a transformation system that is organic, ethical (meaning no manipulation, strict guidelines, or forceful call to actions; lead by the client; no dogma’s); empowering; integrates eastern and western thought; and inspires confidence in your clients ability to choose a path that is right for them!

ATC is for anyone who is looking for a supportive health system that develops awareness and empowers people to make educated, thoughtful decisions about their health journey while assisting them in reaching their goals.

ATC is for anyone who wants to live more, give more, and be of greater service!

Who is This Not For

Not for people who are looking for quick fix methods to healing.

Not for people who have no interest in health and transformation.

Not for people who aren’t ready to do ‘The Work’.

Why ATC?

As Transformational Coaches, we thrive off being conduits for healing, by providing our clients with strategic support and powerful transformation tools that allow them to grow, heal and flourish.

  • Reach new heights in your own personal development.
  • Develop greater self awareness.
  • Live a holistic, balanced life as a savvy health professional.
  • Transform your own life while you educate and inspire others to transform their’s.
  • Develop an understanding of Ayurveda that can be applied to all areas of your life – professionally, physically, psychologically, environmentally.
  • Learn coaching skills you can apply to your personal life and professional life that can assist you and your clients break through barriers and perceived limitation.
  • Confidently help your clients understand their mind and body.
  • Learn holistic diagnosis techniques that allow you to read and better understand your clients’ needs.
  • Integrate this system into your business to establish an industry edge.
  • Learn how to treat the person, not the symptoms.
  • Assist people in developing harmonious lifestyle practices.
  • Coach people to develop lifestyles that assist in disease prevention, whilst improving their quality of life.
  • Get paid for what you do, and potentially make a living out of it.
  • Get out there in a BIG way, serving the world as an advocate for transformation and healing.
  • Learn marketing and sales so you can leverage the realm of business to reach more people with your offerings.
  • Run your own events and build exciting partnerships.
  • Host retreats and travel the world doing what you love.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • Create a scalable income that allows you to create massive abundance.

What’s Included In The Program

A Transformation Guide for you to use with your clients (the same one I’ve been using with my clients for the past 5 years! Not only does it work, it’s a visual delight. You’ll love it, I promise.)

ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page
ATC Book Page


  • Live Mentoring
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition Meal Guidelines & Shopping Planners
  • ATC Certification
  • Downloadable Audio Lessons
  • Client Contracts
  • Business Training
  • Done-For-You Coaching Modules
  • An Amazing Online Support Group
  • The Transformation Clinic
  • Client Assessment Tools
  • An Incredible Community of Caring, Passionate & Lively Women

Access to live events in Australia and Asia

Why We Are Big On Live Mentoring

… if you’re going to be an outstanding coach, you need to have lots of experience with coaching!

And, if you’re really going to be the best coach you can be, you need someone in your corner who’s going to help you break through the barriers, the self-limiting beliefs and the obstacles that life throws your way.

Our Live Mentoring calls run like online an online classroom, where you get to bring all your questions, queries, contemplations, successes, and learnings to the table. No student walks the path alone. We are here to help you path the way to a successful career in the bio- hacking and health space – however that looks to you! (No cookie cutter coaches here!)

We Are Tribe Strong

What I did not expect when I started ATC, was the organic growth of a community of like- minded people.

We are caring, kind, smart and savvy, and above all else – here to make a difference. We don’t take life to0 seriously, and we lift each other up, providing an added level of support in the program.

The ATC angels are like the group of ‘woo woo – yet grounded and driven’, best friends you never had!

Live to serve is such a great way to live. Live to Serve Academy provided the tools I needed to share what is of real value in enhance people's lives.
Marsha, Yoga Teacher, Philippines
Sami has so much knowledge and wisdom! I also love how you can’t but help learn and grow along with her.
Shaunese, Yoga and Energy Healer, Australia
I have been trying to build an online health coaching business for over 5 years now. I was overwhelmed with all the marketing, branding, finding your niche, and trying to describe what you do. Taking the ACT and Pheonix Rising Course has helped me to laser focus my coaching skills, build confidence, and streamline my business. I can now say I have a successful running business for the first time in my life! And I am in the best shape of my life from the actual coaching that comes along with the training! Best decision ever!
Carly, Health Coach, USA

How We Are Different From Other Health Coaching Schools

Our techniques are based on the time tested practices of yoga and Ayurveda, blended with the powerful modern techniques of coaching.

We do things a little differently. Instead of technical health practices and dogmatic or stringent guidelines, our focus is simply to help people realign themselves with the inherent intelligence of nature.

From there, the process of transformation becomes profound, organic, and best of all, lasting.

Yes – we do health coaching. But we’re not like other health coaching academy’s.

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