Ayurvedic Psychology

The most fundamental teaching of Ayurvedic psychology is that the mind takes on the quality of its environment. And our environment is influenced by the three modes of material nature. Under the influence of these three modes, we think and act, knowingly or unknowing making decisions depending on the influence we are under.


Known as
the mode of goodness


known as
the mode of passion


known as
the mode of ignorance

So how do we take control and use this knowledge to condition our mind to think, feel and act in a way that keeps us on the path to peace?

That’s exactly what we explore in this easy to digest short course on Ayurvedic Psychology.


"Ayurvedic Psychology is highly relevant and useful in today’s society because its helps us to understand one of the primary causes behind illness, addiction, discontentment and disillusionment – and that cause is the mind."

A healthy, happy, balanced mind creates a sense of happiness, peace, contentment and productivity. All of which contribute to a healthy, happy, productive life; one that not only benefits the individual, but the status of society.

In this short course, we look at how to use Ayurvedic principles to gain better insights into the influence of the mind in relation to disease – often a missing element of most healing medical and health regimes.

Who is this Course for?

The wonderful thing about this line of study is that it will never go to waste. Whether you use this modality professionally, or you simply use your skills to understand yourself and your environment better, having a basic understanding of Ayurveda will most definitely enrich your life. This simple course is great for anyone who is curious about Ayurveda and would like to develop a deeper understanding of how to practically apply it to their life. Perhaps you’re on your own healing journey and looking for more depth.

If you a health professional or an alternative therapist looking for ways to add more depth and value to your client’s healing process; Or someone who is obsessed with growth and personal development;

This course is for you.

Light hearted and simple, yet powerfully transformative, this course is a delivered as an self-study approach to learning.

What Will You Be Able to do with the Certification?

The knowledge is safe and simple, with low risks for using with clients. It ties in well with health coaching, counselling, fitness and yoga. It will give you a broader scope as to why lifestyle plays such an important part of mental health, while offering simple techniques to help people live a healthy, harmonious life. The course outcomes are also suitable for parents who are wanting a deeper understanding of how to look after their children’s mental wellbeing in this digital age.

Course Outcomes

 Develop a greater understanding & awareness of your mind, body and environment
 Develop an understanding of Ayurveda that can be applied to all areas of your life – professionally, physically, psychologically, environmentally
 Confidently help your clients understand how their mind influences their body
 Integrate this knowledge into your business to establish an industry edge
 Learn how to treat the individual person, not just the localized symptoms
 Assist people in developing harmonious lifestyle practices
 Help people to develop lifestyles that assist in disease prevention, whilst improving their quality of life

What makes this course relevant on a broad scale is that it stems from the fundamental teachings for LIFE. There's no woo-woo or esoteric concepts. It's not for ‘alternative people’. It's not a 'complimentary therapy’. It's a science. It's a time tested proven system for good health, personal empowerment and high vitality. Results include anything that relates to being in our unique best state of health – mentally, emotionally and physically.

 Weight loss
 Behavior change
 A sense of contentment
 Body intelligence
 Feeling closer to nature
 Increased mental clarity and higher productivity
 Increased sense of wellbeing

Will I be able to get Insured?

This course is certified with IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists). Their sister insurance company (AON) offers insurance for this modality.
An Introduction to Ayurveda
Differentiation Between Eastern & Western Psychology
The Nature of the Mind
The Elements
The Doshas
The Tri-Gunas
The Mind-Body Connection
Mind, False Ego, Intelligence and Self
Techniques and Practices for Balancing the Mind
Supporting Resources are supplied inside the course, plus a list of recommended reading.

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