30 Day Dinacharya Challenge

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start with any new lifestyle practices. We get so excited, we just want to do it all, straight away!

…And then we wonder why we burn out from it 2 weeks later.

“It was all too much.”
“I’m too busy to do alllllll the things.”
“I couldn’t keep up with it.”
“It was a shock for my mind and body.”

All this is totally normal – if you do too much too soon!

So with Ayurveda, if you’re like me, you’ll want to hop on over to Amazon, buy all the top books, have your highlighters ready, shopping list for your ‘dosha type’, tongue scraper, shirodara scheduled, Pancakarma retreat booked. In the first 2 weeks.


Seriously though! Where DO you start with a 5000 year old science that literally covers everything you need to know about anything?

The basics. You start with the basics > Dinacharya, baby! More than just a morning ritual, Dinacharya is all about syncing up your day-to-day activities with the natural rhythms of your body and Nature. This helps to maintain the delicate balance of the doshas, promoting a sense of ease while contributing to the preventing of imbalance and disease.

Install the life-changing Protocol of Dinacharya into your life in just 30 days!
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Learn how to adopt essential self-care practices in the container of the ideal Ayurvedic routine: Dinacharya. Learn how to optimise your daily activities to support longevity, disease prevention, and vitality.

We’ll Be Working on 5 Key Areas:

– Routines & Rituals: install new habits and turn them into rituals and routines you love so you can set and forget your essential self-care activities.

– Time Management & Organisation: realign yourself with what matters most, and use our templates and processes to create a weekly schedule that accounts for your goals, self-care, creativity, and commitments.

– Nutrition: we’ll be starting with a super simple Ayurvedic detox to calm cravings, strengthen your digestion, and improve energy levels. Following that, you’ll have access to meal plans to support you in attaining your ideal weight and longevity.

– Fitness: gain access to a live Zoom workout every Wednesday morning, with an accompanying fitness plan to help you strengthen and tone your body. No gyms are required.

– Yoga & Meditation: relax with a zoom Yoga & Meditation class to wind down from the week. You’ll also be given a take-home yoga guide to support you in establishing a home practice.

– Support & Community: you’ll have full support from me using my daily habits app, as well as a Facebook group to connect with like-minded people.

Ok – so why is it free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. Nothing to sell. No affiliation with MLM/Direct Sales. My background is in yoga and Ayurveda… as a yoga teacher, community service has always been part of the framework of my business (‘Live to Serve Academy’ – hence the name ‘Live to Serve’).

This free 30-day community offering is my way of ‘sharing what I have’ with anyone who could use a little extra TLC to see out the year. So if that’s you, great! Jump in and I look forward to meeting you and guiding you back to a healthier version of you.

Don’t wait till the new year to start fresh… put in the work now, and feel vibrant and confident heading into the Christmas break. Say so long to the stress of #2020-2021 and hello to a fresh start!

Well wishes,

Sami xo


Meet Your Health Practitioner

Mother of four, holistic yoga therapist, personal trainer, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Samantha Doyle, is known for her gentle, simple, and effective approach to helping people achieve optimal wellbeing.

Samantha (Sami) is the founder of Live to Serve Academy, a health and wellness platform that aims to educate and inspire people to live a vibrant, meaningful life. Having worked with thousands of women across 10 different countries over the past decade, her offerings aim to serve the whole person, helping people find life and purpose beyond their health challenges. Her unique method has shown notable success with assisting people break the diet-confusion and burnout cycle by empowering them with simple, sustainable self-care behaviors that support optimal functioning with minimal fuss.

Sami has taught and spoken at events and conferences around the world, and has shared the stage with influential industry leaders such as Dr. Robert Svoboda, Amadea Morningstar, Dr Vignesh Devraj, and MC Yogi.


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